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My name is Dana Marin and I help small companies, entrepreneurs and artists to create a relevant social media presence, talk to the right audience, grow their reach and engagement.

From developing a strategy to content creation, from posting on the social media channels to reporting on the results, I use my growth-focused storytelling approach to help brands reach their goals.

I am a creator at heart and I love telling stories through words and images. Combining my skills as a writer, photographer and videographer, I create tailored content for social media channels, as well as articles and images for company blogs.

I'm the founder and creative of Amsterdamian, a lifestyle blog about Amsterdam and the Netherlands, and I've been a photographer for many years. My studies include digital marketing (DMI), content creation at Condé Nast College London, creative writing and photography.

If there would be such a thing as a SPA for social media channels, this would be it! When you let me take over your social media, I will pamper the channels, make them shine and bring out the best in each of them! Say goodbye to boring lines and standard templates! My content is tailored to your brand's personality, and always original. 

Your business deserves to have great social media channels that connect you with your ideal audience and dream clients, and you deserve to spend less time on trying to make that happen.

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